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Without a doubt about because of the true Numbers: The State of Today’s Independent Farmer

The next stats paint a picture that is loose of amorphous entity of “Independent Farmer,” and situate it when you look at the wider context of US farming.

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88 per cent of US farms are categorized as “small” because of the USDA. You would certainly be forgiven for thinking “small” relates to acreage, nonetheless it really implies that the farm’s annual gross income will not go beyond $350,000. Despite comprising nearly all farms, little farms account fully for no more than 5 % of web farm earnings in the united kingdom, while “large” farms – those grossing over $1 million account that is annually 56 per cent of web farm earnings.

41 % of tiny farmers make money every year. They may make six numbers in income, nevertheless the bulk neglect to break also. With this good explanation, 64 % of little farmers additionally work another task.