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Sexless in Silicon Valley: why nobody’s getting set in the usa’s technology hub

Peter Thiel stated we tolerate the Bay Area because ‘people there don’t have much sex’. Gets the town that hosted the summer of love entered a wintertime of celibacy?

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‘No one got set there as much as I could tell.’ Photograph: Groundbreaking Images/Getty Images

‘No one got set here as far as I could tell.’ Photograph: Completely New Images/Getty Images

Final modified on Wed 29 Mar 2017 18.09 BST

We t’s no secret that Silicon Valley opposed the election of Donald Trump. All ideas that are at odds with the Bay Area’s prevailing social liberalism for many, the general distaste for the reality TV star could be chalked up to the candidate’s virulent xenophobia, Islamophobia and misogyny.

But also for Trump’s most high-profile technology supporter, PayPal creator and Twitter investor Peter Thiel, Silicon Valley’s disquiet with Donald “grab-them-by-the-pussy” Trump comes from its denizens’ difficulty getting set.

The tape was clearly offensive and inappropriate“On the one hand. During the time that is same I worry there’s a component of Silicon Valley that is hyper-politically proper about intercourse,” Thiel told the latest York occasions in a job interview posted the other day, referencing the released Access Hollywood video clip of Trump boasting about intimate attack.

“One of my buddies possesses concept that the remainder country tolerates Silicon Valley because individuals here just don’t have that much sex. They’re without having that much enjoyable.”