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No, an Eagle Scout board of review just isn’t meeting. The Scouting journey makes a new individual to obtain a job that is good.

The Scouting journey makes a new individual to have a good task.

But that doesn’t mean the final step up that journey — which for most young adults may be the Eagle Scout board of review — must certanly be carried out just like an appointment.

That’s the takeaway from an enlightening article that is new “Eagle Scout Boards of Review: perhaps Not really employment interview.” You’ll find it into the November-December 2018 problem of “Advancement News,” a publication that is official the BSA’s nationwide Advancement Program Team.

“The Scouts have previously ‘earned the position’ of Eagle Scout by finishing certain requirements,” the article states. “They are not interviewing for the position.”

Therefore rather than treating the Eagle Scout board of review as an opportunity to grill the young person, test their abilities or ask “gotcha” concerns, you really need to “make it one thing become proud to talk about with other people, not at all something become feared.”

Browse the complete piece below. It’s worth your time and effort. As a result of Wayne Huddleston and Mike Lo Vecchio of this nationwide Advancement Program Team for permitting us to here share it.

What’s a board of review? Here’s a fast reminder.

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A board of review is the opportunity for grownups to talk to Scouts as to what they’ve done, exactly exactly what they’ve learned, just just how has they were helped by it within their development and just how they’re experiencing the system.