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They performed an exorcism to treat him of their homosexuality.

The find it difficult to be queer and in a machismo tradition

Tale by Albert Serna Jr. and Adolfo Tigerino

Required onto a school shuttle just like the day came to a finish on a Thursday in 2005, Josue had been frightened and unsure exactly what the future held for him and his friends. Chaperons from the rigorous Latino Pentecostal chapel got aside all types of interaction so that they are almost taken off people. Reaching a ranch in the exact middle of nowhere under the cover of dark, the adolescents happened to be pushed into individual areas. Daily they certainly were built to hope and denounce their particular sexuality. It absolutely was thought that the teenagers had demons controlling them. And, before he had been permitted to feel “cured,” the scared 17-year-old happened all the way down against his might while a number of everyone screamed in attempts to consult with the alleged demons within.

For Josue Velasquez, today 26, the idea of being gay and Latino wouldn’t stay better with his spiritual mummy. She upheld a regular of masculinity called machismo that conflicted aided by the person Velasquez are. Inside the Latino community there was a belief that people have to be hyper-masculine, domineering, managing, and without any slight tip of womanliness.