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Let me make it clear on how to use A security camera that is wired method

The 1st Step: Find Out Where You Would Like Your Digital Digital Cameras

It’s not enough to pick just any spot and mount them when it comes to installing wired security cameras. You need to consider what makes probably the most sense as far as simplicity of installation (and if it is also possible to set up a digital camera in which you need it).

All the way to the DVR box for example, it would be great to have a camera mounted on the outside wall next to your front door in the upper corner, but you have to think about how you’re going to route the cable from the camera. That is your limiting element whenever it concerns setting up the digital cameras.

Therefore rather than mounting it on a wall that is outside maybe mount it on the front porch’s roof. After that you are able to run the cable through the porch’s own small loft and then up in to the primary attic, using it anywhere you would like after that.